Namecheap redirect does not work with https

I have tried using Namecheap's redirect functionality from my main domain to my cv. But I quickly run into an issue that Namecheap only allows HTTP requests! When it receives an HTTPS request, it just hangs the connection until timeout:

Namecheap redirect only works on port 80!
As you can see, the 443 port just hangs the connection, but the 80 port redirect works well!

The solution that I found is to use Netlify instead of Namecheap's redirect. Netlify works very well with HTTPS and allows you to make redirection happen on an HTML page. Netlify also gives you 100GB of free traffic! Good luck spending it with a blank HTML redirect page, that is a few kilobytes large.

There are many guides over the WEB on how to connect your Namecheap domain to Netlify. I only provide the HTML page that I used for redirection:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=''" />
    <p>You will be redirected to soon!</p>

But beware, you can't set CNAME on your apex domain! If you do that, your DNS configuration becomes invalid. Instead of using CNAME @, you must use ALIAS!

After configuring the advanced DNS, you should be able to access the domains and subdomains you configured via web browser. If you encounter any issues during setup I can help you in the comments.

The only thing you should care about when using ALIAS is that it might break the geo routing mechanisms. If namecheap's DNS servers are in the US the CDN would give you US optimized IP address from the CDN's address pool. This might add response time overhead. But in our case, when we serve personal website, we don't need to worry about response times much.


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